Cloud-IAM: Deploying, maintaining, and scaling your IAM

Keycloak identity and access management just got easier.
Way easier with Cloud-IAM.

With Cloud-IAM powering your Keycloak clusters, you can sleep easy knowing you've got the software and the experts you need for operational excellence.

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AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, Scaleway & 3DS Outscale

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Built on Keycloak, an open source IAM solution

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GDPR compliant & available in 50 regions

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Up to 99.95% SLA

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No vendor locking


Say hello to managed Keycloak data you can trust

Cloud-IAM is a SaaS, PaaS, and consulting company that helps simplify how you configure, deploy, and monitor IAM access via Keycloak.

Authentication is the entry point, if something goes wrong, your services are paralyzed. The negative impacts can create more issues than you imagine.


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"We were already familiar with Keycloak, we’ve been using it [...] we had some issues [..] so we decided to move on-premise and go to a managed solution. We find Cloud-IAM and this is what we want."

Platform Engineer, TheApsGroup

Luc V.

"We evaluated other solutions before choosing Cloud-IAM, [...] we choose it because the Support is great and very efficient."

Project Manager, Arte

Guillaume R.

Keycloak provides the protection,
Cloud-IAM handles the management


Keycloak is an excellent open-source identity and access management system, but it can be tricky to scale. Cloud-IAM is your dedicated team of experts who make managing Keycloak fast, simple, and secure.

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Identity Federation Integration (OpenID Connect, SAML, and OAuth2)

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User management and role-based access control (RBAC)

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Single Sign-On (SSO) and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

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Active Directory (AD) and LDAP as storage providers

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Highly available (HA) and scalable

Centralized, reliable, and up-to-date protection for your data and access management

Automate every part of your Keycloak lifecycle, including how your system runs and scales.

Deployment ready in 20 minutes. Access to your Keycloak at lightspeed.

Cloud-IAM automates the headache around setting up perfectly customized customer’s Keycloak.

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Self-serviced deployments directly through Cloud IAM’s apps

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Automated deployment of managed Keycloak

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Self-serviced deployments ready in 20 minutes

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- 4 different cloud providers (AWS, SCW, GCP, 3DS)
- 50 different regions worldwide

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Customize your IAM configuration. 
And be confident it’s secure for 
your use case.

Cloud-IAM offers adjustable tools in your settings to help you manage and secure your deployments to match best practices.

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Upload custom .jar themes, extensions, and features

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Administrate environment variables

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Allow or restrict access to a list of IP addresses

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Keycloak profiles offer additional deeper features not enabled by default

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Expose multiple custom domain DNSs

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Customize your Keycloaks with 3rd parties for even stronger security
- Trusted certificates
- Password deny lists


You have expert eyes on your security 24/7

We are monitoring your deployments for errors and you have transparent access to the same data. Any errors alert expert support and are sent to you immediately with a status report.    

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Analytics logs and metrics

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Security alarms via email, webhooks (coming soon)

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Keycloaks are automatically architected for High Availability

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Connect to your existing tech stack with our API 
for notifications using your favorite tools


You’ve got a team of experts on speed dial

That means you’re not alone if something goes wrong on your Keycloak. There’s always a pro who can help you resolve issues quickly and efficiently, no matter how big or small the issue is.

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Truly comprehensive documentation

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Uptime availability up to 99.95%

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24/7 critical support in an emergency, 365 days a year

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Worldwide ticket center for support questions

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Manually contact our on-call team


Update your Keycloaks easily and securely. 
Automatic backups give 
you peace of mind.

The Cloud-IAM DevOps expert team will assist with updates and makes sure it works properly. That way you get peace of mind about your security and your users don’t experience an interruption with their connections.

If you hit a small issue, daily backups make it easy and fast to fix. 
Daily backups are also available for you if you want to store them yourself or migrate management platforms (vanilla one).

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Every Keycloak update is approved by our tech team before releasing it

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Automatic data-backup and snapshots are scheduled every 24 hours by default

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Redundant encrypted backups are stored in multiple regions

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No vendor lock - export your data anytime


Easily implement your custom extensions and themes in minutes

Cloud-IAM is built on open source so you have unlimited options to help you optimize your setup.

Because of our architecture dtesign your new custom extensions 
won’t disable your existing Keycloak deployments.

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Manage your custom extensions through
- Cloud IAM’s apps
- our fully transparent and documented API

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Upload custom .jar themes, extensions, and features

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Service Provider Interfaces (SPI) allow for custom implementations 
that Keycloak uses as if it were its own


We’re experts in IAM systems, Keycloak, and Open Source software.

Get on-call expertise for technical assistance from tried and tested Keycloak experts. Use consulting time for training, strategic configuration advice, scaling deployment, or migration assistance.


Get started with Cloud-IAM today

Create a free account and test out a deployment for yourself. 
Or book a call with us for a demo or more detailed information.


Which product is ideal for testing Cloud-IAM?

At Cloud-IAM, we are transparent – our offers aren't available for trial periods or Proof of Concept (PoC).

Discover the exclusive "Little Bunny" plan from Cloud-IAM! Unlike our free offer, this plan gives you an entire month of commitment-free access to unlock all the powerful features of Cloud-IAM & Keycloak. No need to worry about PoC – dive straight into our service with this plan.

If you're excited to explore but don't have a payment method handy, create a free account instantly, no credit card required.Uncover the power of Cloud-IAM on your terms and subscribe when you're ready, without any Proof of Concept obligations.

Will Cloud IAM suit my Keycloak use case?

By providing you with a vanilla Keycloak, Cloud-IAM gives you the flexibility to use it as you see fit.

Keycloak, renowned for its remarkable flexibility and potency, seamlessly adjusts to diverse use cases:

- Keycloak as a CIAM (Customer Identity and Access Management)
- Keycloak as an IAM (Identity and Access Management)
- Keycloak as an IdP (Identity Provider) Broker

Where can I deploy my Keycloak with Cloud-IAM?

Cloud-IAM does not deploy Keycloak on your own cloud provider.Instead, we manage our own cloud infrastructure to guarantee maximum security, privacy, and disaster recovery capabilities. View the list of supported cloud providers on our platform.

Use Cloud-IAM to deploy your Keycloak clusters to one of these Cloud Providers:

Is it genuinely more cost-effective to handle it internally within my company?

For an IAM to be secure, it must be kept up to date, scaled, backed up, and constantly monitored for incidents. That requires human, technical, and economic resources that 90% of companies just don’t have.

You’d need 2-3 full-time employees experienced in DevOps and Keycloak architecture to deploy a solution at a medium-sized company.

Conservatively, that adds up to about $200,000 a year in Europe.If you want our opinion…let your team focus on what they do best — building your product.

Trust the experts to handle security.

Does Cloud IAM automatically scale to manage millions of concurrent visits?

Leveraging our expertise in Keycloak since 2018 and our robust architecture, we offer customers a seamless Keycloak-as-a-Service solution.

Enjoy the simplicity of a turnkey experience, backed by our commitment to ensuring a guaranteed availability up to 99.95% on the Expert support Level!

Your Keycloak deployments from little bunny plan are strategically hosted on dedicated infrastructures to maintain a high level of availability, security, and robustness through various measures.

Simultaneously, our dedicated Cloud-IAM technical team diligently monitors your deployment 24/7, providing you with the peace of mind to sleep soundly.

Is cancellation straightforward, or does the Cloud-IAM solution's entail vendor lock-in?

We’re open-source, and let you download your data anytime. That means if you don’t like our service, just switch.

Not like Oauth, Okta, OneLogin which locks you via their proprietary application, in addition to charging you for the slightest additional feature. Though considering the vast majority of our customers choose to say, we’re fairly confident Cloud-IAM will deliver the solution you need.

For every dedicated hosting subscription, Cloud-IAM provides dumps of the dedicated PostgreSQL database that you can safely re-import into your own database.

Account passwords are hashed and will work on your own Keycloak setup.


Still in doubt about 
using Cloud IAM?

Setup your deployments in 20 minutes and taste, try, and enjoy the ease of Keycloak identity management with Cloud IAM. 

Have a query? The technical and sales team is at your disposal to answer your questions.

We’re here to stay

Cloud-IAM launched in late 2018. We're profitable, privately owned, and in this for the long haul. Our mission is to remove the pain of sophisticated Keycloak setups for developers like us.

To date, we've helped thousands of developers around the world take a weight off their mindxx through our SaaS and 1:1 consulting.

You can expect us to always be on your side and help you as you build and grow.

in the words of François-Guillaume, “Retirer l'épine du pied”


The expert team that keeps your Authorization humming

Cloud-IAM is a team of expert engineers with Keycloak experience at Fortune-500 companies* dedicated to hosting, managing, and optimizing Keycloak software.

*Companies so big we had to sign NDA’s.

We aim to over-deliver.
Here are our stats from the last year.


20 MIN

Minimum time for disaster recovery



Average uptime in 2023


< 1 Hour

Response time for incidents



Companies advised 
every month

A flexible team that puts you first

Every member on our team is an expert in identity access management.  Above all else, we value exceptional customer service.


Full access to your data

You can download your data anytime. We’ll provide dumps of the dedicated PostgreSQL database that you can safely re-import into your own database. Plus, account passwords are hashed and will work on your own Keycloak setup.


Check out the code

Cloud-IAM is built on the open-source Keycloak. Audit our open source extensions codebase on GitHub for compliance or just peace of mind. 
Star us too, while you’re at it.