March 13, 2024

Announcing the Open Beta of Keycloak Encrypted Full Exports

We are excited to introduce our latest innovation: Keycloak Encrypted Full Exports, now available in open beta. This feature empowers you with unprecedented control over your Keycloak data, ensuring it remains exclusively yours, free from any vendor lock-in.

Experience Frictionless Keycloak Exports

With just a single HTTP request to our Cloud IAM API, you can initiate an encrypted and complete export of your entire Keycloak dataset —including configuration and user information— directly delivered to your designated S3 storage.

The native export pathways of Keycloak —via UI, REST API, or CLI— present different challenges, from operational prerequisites to fragmented export processes. At Cloud IAM, we've reimagined the export experience with these unique features:

  • Zero Downtime: Benefits from real-time exports while your operations remain uninterrupted.
  • Full Export: One unified export process to collect everything: configuration, realms, users, groups and roles.
  • Compatible with Keycloak Native Import: When we say no vendor lock-in, we mean it. You can import them into any Keycloak.
  • Secured: Use your own GPG key so only you can read the encrypted export.
  • Delivered directly to you: We safely upload the export to the S3 bucket of your choice, so you don't have to implement long-process monitoring or secure transfer.
  • Fast: Experience fast, blazing-fast exports that minimize wait times and enhance operational efficiency.

Anything else?

We designed this smooth export experience because we believe sovereignty and governance should be "first-class features". Enjoy your first export with our documentation. Oh, and if we missed anything, please tell us!

Looking Ahead

We are still beginning our journey toward simplifying IAM solution management without compromising security or governance. Stay tuned for further updates.

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Ludovic FLEURY
March 13, 2024