Cloud-IAM's New Support Plans

March 13, 2024

Cloud-IAM is undergoing a transformation with the introduction of new subscription plans and three different support levels. Our new pricing sheet is tailor-made for businesses of all scales, with prices that evolve alongside your growth. Experience increased availability and enjoy enhanced peace of mind for your Keycloak deployment, effortlessly. Discover our new offerings today!

Elevate Your Experience: New Plans for Every Business Size

Cloud-IAM is scaling up, and so should you. We've revamped our subscription plans and introduced three support levels. Our new pricing sheet is designed to fit businesses at every scale, evolving as you grow. Get your Keycloak deployment to the next level, without breaking a sweat.

What Sparked These Changes?

At Cloud-IAM, we're committed to delivering a smooth-as-butter managed Keycloak service. With our rapidly expanding client base, we've had to scale our operations and team size. Plus, we've been busting to develop new features to tackle your security and data privacy concerns.

But we didn't stop there. Your feedback told us our support services needed a boost. So, we're rolling out new plans and support tiers to cater to your specific needs, whether you're a big enterprise or a small startup.

Choose Your Plan

We've spiced up our existing four plans by adding four more options tailored for larger businesses.

Plan Name Elegant Ermine Wild Wolf Hot Bear Awesome Ape
Users 250 000 1 000 000 5 000 000 10 000 000
Realms 50 100
Cloud Providers Scaleway, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Outscale
Infrastructure Dedicated

Switching to a new plan is just a click away, or contact our support, and your upgrade will be live in minutes—no downtime.

Pick Your Support Level

Different strokes for different folks. Choose a support level that's right for you.

Support Level Standard Professional Expert
Availability All Plans Roaring Rabbit +
Incident Response Time N/A Less than 12h Less than 1h

Regardless of your choice, you're getting top-notch Cloud-IAM expertise. Don't settle for less.


Your business can't afford mistakes, and neither can we. Our monitoring is dialed in to meet your exact needs.

Support Level Standard Professional Expert
SLA Guarantee N/A Up-to 95% Up-to 99,95%
Incident Detection No ‹ 12h ‹ 1h

Reach Out to Us

Getting in touch is easy as pie. Plus, we're rolling out monthly coaching sessions on security best practices from our experts. You can find more information about the support levels and pricing here.

Existing Cloud-IAM customer? Don't fret; your current support and monitoring levels are untouched. To switch, shoot an email to our support team. It’s that simple.

Ready to supercharge your knowledge of Keycloak? Don't miss out! Explore the powerful benefits of Cloud IAM and take action now.

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